Dear ILEA New York Metro Event Colleagues, Friends and Family,

Happy Anniversary, ILEA NY METRO!    WE are 30 Years young this year.  Congratulations to ALL of us for contributing to the growth and development of the industry into what it is now and, thank you to those whose dedication and loyalty made it possible!   When our founding father, Joe Jeff Goldblatt, along with 30 others, the “Dirty 30,”  including Richard Aaron (the founding President of the ILEA New York Metro chapter),  signed the Charter to initiate the International Special Events Society which created standards of education, accreditation and ethics, I’m certain they did not predict that the future would involve concepts of branded entertainment, integrated marketing, communications and so on.

I am forever reminded of how special the events industry is and how privileged we are to be a part of it.   We bring people together; we make them laugh and cry and create lasting impact for years and years after the doors open and the final song is played.      Your individual talents are like spokes on a wheel that all contribute to the whole and keep it going around and around.   We are diversified.  We are non-discriminating.  In fact, our differences are our talents.

We welcome all and yet, we are only as powerful as our collective body and the contributions we all make to keep it alive.

As awareness continues to grow on the value of events, I urge each and every one of you to contribute, to become a member, to recruit members, to make friends with members.   I was told when I began my career that if I was to make friends, let it be with people I will work with, and that lesson resonates to this day.  I’m also reminded of a story about a University in England whose Board sat and discussed how they could repair the 200 year old ceiling beams.   They bantered about many suggestions until a houseman walked through the meeting and stopped in his tracks and pointed out the window to a nearby forest.   He explained that the forest was planted with the same trees as the ceiling at the same time because the planners knew the life cycle of this particular tree and planned ahead for when new beams would be needed.  Nowadays when the concept of accountability is at the forefront and the value of human connections is more important than ever, I ask you to commit to making the events industry, your industry, even bigger and better in the next 30 years and beyond.

It has been a privilege serving the Chapter as your President this year.  I welcome the new Board of Directors with Jessica  Alton as the new President and watching the next forest of trees grow.




Dianne Budion Devitt

New York Metro Chapter President

International Live Events Association