June Member Spotlight Focuses On Jaclyn Zendrian

Jaclyn Zendrian, Director of Events, CurePSP.  

Most of Jaclyn’s career has revolved around medical organizations.  During her work at The Johns Hopkins University Neurology Development Office she discovered an affinity and ability for event planning.  Jaclyn was drawn to the position of Director of Events at CurePSP because of her familiarity with nonprofits and neurology specifically. 

At CurePSP, Jaclyn manages educational programs, research symposia, and oversees special events by handling everything from concepts to venue and speaker selection.  Jaclyn travels across the country, connecting with patients and families affected by neurodegenerative diseases.   She also works with volunteers and families on special events to encourage people to support CurePSP in their own way.

Jaclyn has been a member of ILEA since 2015 and currently sits on the ILEA NY Metro Membership committee.  During our membership drive Jaclyn will be just one of the ILEA NY Metro event professionals reminding you to renew your membership before July 1!   Thanks to event pros like Jaclyn, the ILEA NY Metro Chapter is growing every year.

ILEA NY Metro Chapter’s Member Spotlight program highlights outstanding members.

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