Daniela Grafman is the Chief Amazement Officer & Partner at Vision Event Co. focusing on event coordination and entertainment production. On paper, she is a Certified Wedding & Event Planner, has Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Fordham University, and speaks four languages. Off paper, she has a serious passion for chocolate, loves to dance like no one’s watching, and her glass is always half full (sometimes with an extra lemon).

She has been planning weddings, corporate events, non-profit galas, and fundraisers for the past six years. Being hands-on with every aspect of the company (both on the creative and business side) gives her keen insight to all the intricate foundations that are necessary for the bigger picture of accomplishing event goals.

Having worked at United Way of NYC and a range of New York based organizations and production companies as a Special Events Associate, she approaches each event with the experience of executing large productions. Whether it’s a wedding for 100 guests or a gala for 500, her attentive, composed, and efficient methods of planning achieve any event goals presented.


She was born in a car, and on her birth certificate in place of birth it reads ‘in car on route to hospital’.